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Apr 19, 2022

Can you imagine having a perception about someone for years only to find out that it wasn't all true?

In this episode Nicole chats with  Dr. Cassie Kao as she walks us along her spiritual journey of how her perceptions of God shifted in transformative ways.

She explores how culture, religion and expecations all play a part in how our minds are shaped in divine connections.    

Dr. Cassie is candid and open about how disappointment, conflict and struggle with religion have created barriers for people.

She talks about the moment she understood true love that moved her into a geniunue relationship and how others can experience the same.


About Dr. Cassie Kao 

Dr. Cassie Kao (pronounced Kay-See Kay-Oh) completed her Doctor of Education degree in higher education administration and previously worked in public higher education 10+ years with experience working with executive leadership team members and college students.  She is currently the Director of Operations at International Family Church in North Reading, MA.