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May 3, 2022

*Disclaim: This episode may trigger very uncomfortable feelings.

Have you heard at the end of a rainbow is a pot of gold? 

In this episode, Nicole is joined by Christina Kwan, Depression Coach and Owner of The Road Uncovered Coaching as she shares how she found hope and healing (her pot of gold) in life after traveling down a difficult path struggling with depression, 3 suicide attempts and 2 hospitalizations. 

Christina takes us through the steps of how she found peace and courage to explore and address unhealthy patterns in her close relationships. And what it means to truly learn yourself. 

You will understand how vital it is to not allow unresolved issues remain in your life especially as an adult. 

Her message also addresses mother/children relationships, healthy boundaries and how your personal growth is not always accepted by others. 

We discuss the mindset and philosophy that still holds a taboo and barrier to people experiencing freedom and love. And open up the possiblities for hope and healing to lead the way.

Christina now helps others walk their own road and as she says,"getting rid of depression forever". 


Christina is owner of the Road Uncovered Coaching and author of Confidence Catalyst workbook.  As a depression coach and helps people get rid of depression forever and herself is a survivor of clinical depression (3 attempts, 2 hospitalizations) and has developed a process to help others make a full recovery as well. Working with her clients has taught her that recovery can be fast and permanent, with the help of someone who's done it before.