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Aug 4, 2020

In this jaw dropping episode about truly rebuilding your life after unexpected brokenness, Nicole interviews bikini competitor and NGA Pro, Damaris Rivera. 

Damaris opens up about being a worship leader, finally walking in her purpose and feeling as if she was on top of the world. When out of no where, after 21 years of a happy and functional marriage her husband stepped out with a younger woman. She explains deep feelings of heartbreak, depression, being unable to eat, and most times not being able to function in the months after. From dealing with her hair falling out and being malnourished from not eating, she finally decided one day to do something drastic and something for her.

She had to love herself the way GOD loved her. She began working on her physic with a physical trainer. She quickly dove head first into her fitness journey and within a short time decided to compete professionally. Her excerpt about her first time stepping on stage explains a true triumphant moment.

"When I stepped on the stage I didn't feel like a shack, I felt like a cathedral."

She competed against women half her age and won the whole show at NGA. She grew even further in the sport and started competing in NPC and won 4 times. She is in the process of earning her pro card. 

This episode isn't just about loving your body and learning to place your energy into something else. Damaris is a true leader in the art of forgiveness, patience, and learning to love yourself and others the way GOD loves each of us. 

This episode is a true testament to the power of GOD. Do not miss this open episode with Damaris and Nicole on the take action podcast.