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Sep 14, 2021

Who you are doesn't fit the mold and you're asking what's next?

In this episode Nicole is joined by Khrys Vaughan as she discuss how multi-passionate people think, move and see differently.  She shares the early stages of discovering her multi-passions and using her gifts to explore and create an integrated life and career. 

Khyrs challenges you to stop waiting for permission from others and hiding behind the information you've gathered before taking action. She shares how being multi-passionate is a "gift" that is desperately needed in these times.  The world is waiting for you.

You will hear 3 key tips you can start doing today to get out of park and moving in the direction of your passions. 

Khrys Vaughan is an author, Catalyst, and Multi-passionate Strategist working with mission-driven womenpreneurs ready to answer ‘What's next?’ and create a plan to get it. Her vision is for women to become everything they were created to be and step into their place. She utilizes business as the vehicle to do so; unlocking the solutions within them that our world needs. 

Connect with Khrys 

IG: @i.khrys